10 JULY, 2024
Al Marwan Group Welcomes Sharjah Municipality Delegation

Heavy rainfall brought by the "Al Hadir" storm in April 2024 caused significant flooding across Sharjah, with some streets submerged under 80 cm of water. In response, Al Marwan Group, a Sharjah-based company committed to supporting the local community, took swift action.


Al Marwan’s water tankers were deployed to clear Sharjah streets after Al Hadir storm
Some of Al Marwan’s water tankers that were deployed to clear Sharjah streets after Al Hadir storm


Mobilizing Resources for Relief Efforts

Al Marwan Machinery and Al Marwan Construct, subsidiaries of the Group, played a crucial role. Over 40 water tankers and trucks, alongside additional support vehicles, were deployed to remove accumulated water from critical areas. The team also utilized heavy machinery to assist with moving stranded vehicles, clearing debris, and speeding up the drying process. Notably, road-building equipment was used to construct a 1km detour near Al Batayeh within 24 hours, providing vital access for residents and relief vehicles.


The 1 Km road detour that was built by Al Marwan Construct during Al Hadir storm)
The 1 Km road detour built by Al Marwan Construct during Al Hadir storm


A Commitment to Collaboration

A delegation from Sharjah Municipality recently visited Al Marwan Group's headquarters to acknowledge the company's contributions and discuss the storm's impact.


From the Sharjah Municipality delegation’s meeting at Al Marwan HQ
Sharjah Municipality delegation meets Marwan Al Zaiem, Bassel Al Zaiem, and Amer Al Zaiem at Al Marwan Group HQ


The visit reaffirmed Al Marwan Group's commitment to collaborating with local authorities to ensure public safety and a swift recovery process during times of crisis. This collaborative spirit exemplifies the importance of partnerships between businesses and government entities for the benefit of the community.


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