Robotized Car Parking Systems

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Robotized Car Parking Systems

East and West Robotics

East and West Robotics  was established in 2001 by the Al Marwan Group, and it has given a new definition to industrial operations within the Middle East region. The initial research and development schemes were based on acquired proven sciences, fundamental for producing hi-tech and state of the art products.


Our mission is to provide innovative technological products that addresses the problems encountered by today's community. Innovation acts as the driving force here and therefore East and West Robotics relies heavily on Research, Development and continuous improvement in products. Several hi-tech product lines and various end-user products have been designed, developed and executed by the East and West Robotics, and these products are in compliance with top quality standards and meet the critical criterion of safety and security. 

With its distinguished expertise and qualified team of engineers, East and West Robotics has evolved immensely over time becoming an international patented industry to introduce several hi-tech leading-edge products which address the needs of today's marketplace in the best possible way. Our products are designed to keep customers satisfied and our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in quality has given our company its much deserved reputation and a competitive edge.

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